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DJ Matías

Collector, connoisseur and DJ of Argentine tango music

Tools & performance

Live DJ-ing is accomplished using the

(for the Windows 7 and the OS X operating system) and

  • media player Winamp Pro (for the Android backup system).

The automatic analysis procedure of Traktor Pro 2 is used to compute for each recording:

  • Auto gain level (independent of the auto gain reference obtained during FLAC encoding);
  • Track tempo indicated by BPM (Beats Per Minute);
  • High-resolution waveform (with color coding to display the frequency content);
  • Stripe (schematic visual overview of the whole track);
  • Pitch class (musical key in the circle of fifths).

The metadata of each file are updated and complemented with user-specific information like

Mouse-less operation of the Traktor Pro 2 software is accomplished by MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers such as:

Individual MIDI mappings allow for a complete re-programming of the controllers using advanced programming techniques like MIDI modifiers and macro procedures. The custom-made mappings are continuously refined to streamline the DJ performance.

The MIDI controllers operate the Traktor Pro 2 user interface and accomplish the following tasks:

  • Adjusting the master and headphone output level, waveform display and zoom, operating the transport controls, adjusting track gain and balance;
  • Equalizing each track using an emulation of the world-famous Allen & Heath 4-band equalizer from the Xone:92 analog mixer series;
  • Browsing the Traktor Pro database, controlling the audio decks, pre-listening and cueing of tracks, providing optical feedback (e.g. alert for track end warning), etc.

These audio operations are carefully performed for each track in order to continuously provide the dance floor with

Thus, independent of the varying quality of the original recordings in the music collection

  • tonal balance and
  • musical consistency

are ensured throughout the event.

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