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DJ Matías

Collector, connoisseur and DJ of Argentine tango music

Sound transmission

Only bullet-proof studio-grade audio equipment is employed for performing as a DJ in front of an audience. The following high-definition audio interfaces are used to convert the digital audio stream to the analog domain:

The RME multi-channel interfaces perform at up to 24 bit @ 192 kHz and feature professional DSP (Digital Signal Processor) tools like:

  • TotalMix FX as a DSP-based mixer console for routing and mixing all input and playback channels to all physical outputs, providing for each channel: 3-band parametric EQ, adjustable low cut, auto level, compressor, expander, mid-side processing and phase reversal;
  • DIGICheck for diagnostics of the digital audio stream: multi-channel level meter for peak and RMS, spectral multi-band analyzer, vector audio scope (goniometer), correlation meter, channel status display and bit statistic & noise.

These advanced DSP tools are realized in hardware as FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array). Thus, virtually no additional computational load is presented to the host CPU (Central Processing Unit). Via firmware updates, the functional range and performance can easily be extended and streamlined. The DSP tools are primarily used

  • to correct acoustic room anomalies and
  • to ensure spectral-spatial balance.

For track pre-listening, professional low-impedance DJ headphones like Pioneer HDJ-2000 or AKG K181 DJ are employed which feature:

  • excellent audio quality;
  • high sound pressure level (SPL) capability;
  • optimum isolation from ambient noise;
  • compact form factor for transport.

A high-definition UHF (E-band) wireless microphone system (Sennheiser EW 165 G3-1G8) with electret-condenser capsule and super-cardioid pickup pattern is used for

  • live announcements and
  • audio-visual presentations.

For transmitting the analog audio signal to the mixer console or the power amplifier, professional grade NF cables from manufacturers like

are employed.

Gold-plated connectors and a complete set of audio adaptors are provided by

Listening skills

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